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This is the Official Swinn & Green Tea Smiles Giveaway!!!!!!!

So as I promised, here is another awesome giveaway sponsored by my good friends at Swinn!

Thanks to Swinn this giveaway includes FOUR of their amazing sports bras! If you want to purchase some of their goodies right away, check their site out here!

The bras included are:

  • Killin’ It
  • Run Like You’re Being Chased
  • Bad Ass
  • Nice Rack

All bras are in a size medium!

As well as the awesome bras you’ll also be getting:

  • The Limited Edition Rosegold Nike Fuel Band
  • A pink Aquazinger water infuser

So how do you win this awesome giveaway?

International Giveaway so anyone can enter (I’ll be paying any shipping costs).

Giveaway will be ending October 1st!

(via green-tea-smiles)


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