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Anonymous asked: This blog is literally so perfect i just want to reblog every single thing! And youre beautiful! Good luck on reaching your goals girl! -Nirvanorexia :)

Thankyou :)

darling-just-close-your-eyes- asked: Do you have a certain work out plan? If so what is it?

Not really I just make sure I go to the gm whenever I have a chance
I love the cross trainer
I used to use the treadmill instead but I’ve got a weird knee so that’s better plus it works the arms a bit too :) good luck xx

gonnashineforever asked: guuurrrl, you have an amazing blog xx

Thank you :) xxx

Anonymous asked: What are some things I can do to get cardio and burn fat indoors?

If you go onto YouTube Gillian micheal’s thirty day shred is on there
It’s a great workout nd combines cardio, abs and muscles to help burn fat and tone up
All you need is weights and if u don’t have them uncanny use bottles of water :) xxx